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Frequently asked questions:

Nice of you to ask. 123watches offers you the nicest straps for your smartwatch. Advised by product experts and shipped quickly by our top logistics team. Nice to meet you!

We're sorry you haven't received your order yet. Did you receive an e-mail from us that the order has been shipped? (may be in your spam box) 

YES - Then we have neatly transferred your order to PostNL and it is on its way to you. Due to the crowds at PostNL, your order may take a little longer to arrive, we apologize for this and thank you for your understanding. Was your order shipped more than 5 days ago? Please contact us via one of the channels below. 

NO - Then I think you have ordered a product(s) with a longer delivery time stated and it still has to be sent as a backorder. As soon as your backorder has been sent, you will receive a message from us immediately.

You can request your return here free of charge up to 30 days after purchase.

Do not just send a return to our office address in Deventer yourself, but follow the instructions in the e-mail so that your return arrives neatly at our warehouse.

We apologize that you have not yet received your complete order. Have you received an email from us that this product will be delivered as backorder? (may be in your spam box) 

YES - Unfortunately we have not received this product yet but expect it to be delivered any time. As soon as your backorder has been sent you will immediately receive an e-mail from us. 

NO - Please contact us via one of the channels below.
We apologize that you have received a defective product. Can you send us an email to customerservice@123watches.co.uk with the following: 

  2. Add photo of the defective product 
  3. Process order number in the mail 
This way we can take your mail out based on the subject and quickly solve the problem. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and again apologies for the defective product.
Our customer service team consists of service and product experts. Do you have an in-depth question about a product? Then it is best to ask your question via customerservice@123watches.co.uk. This way we can put the question to the right product expert and you will receive the best answer as quickly as possible.

Then you can contact us at the bottom of this page via email or whatsapp.

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